The Stars That Arc Across The Sky

Us is a Scottish-Swedish duo that started in 2015. In 2018, Niklas was asked to do a remix of one of the tracks on their new album and, with a little bit of input from Kalle, turned it into a Norator flavored song.


Candide is a Swedish band that has made synth pop since 1984. In 2013 we contributed a remix of their song Änglar, and gave it a classic Norator feel.

Rette Sich Wer Kann

Hertzinfarkt is a German group that makes slightly darker synthpop. The members are Diana on vocals and Jan who fiddles with the synthesizers. Our version has kept the lead vocals but the rest has been remade into a more blipping Norator style version, with Kalle on three-part background vocals.

Back to Back

Mononot is Per Broberg who makes minimal analogue synth. Niklas remixed this song and gave it a Norator sound.