Remixes and covers

Here we present the remixes and covers we have made of other peoples songs, along side other peoples remixes and covers of our songs.

If you would like to do a remix or cover of one of our songs, or if you would like to hear one of your own songs in a Norator style, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our remixes

Mononot - Back to Back

Mononot is Per Broberg who makes minimal analogue synth. Niklas remixed this song and gave it a Norator sound.

Lowe - Breathe In Breathe Out

Lowe is a Swedish band that makes alternative new wave pop. This song has been given a more airy feel with a healthy dose of analog synths.

Moulin Noir - Kiss Me Quick

Moulin Noir is Anders Wikholm who makes synth music in the style of New Romantic. Our version has been given a more dance and synth pop oriented sound.

Hertzinfarkt - Rette Sich Wer Kann

Hertzinfarkt is a German group that makes slightly darker synthpop. The members are Diana on vocals and Jan who fiddles with the synthesizers. Our version has kept the lead vocals but the rest has been remade into a more blipping Norator style version, with Kalle on three-part background vocals.

Remixes by others

Unfortunately, we have no remix to present here. Who wants to be first? :)

Our covers

Page - Allt jag pekar på

Page is one of the very first synth bands in Sweden, and in 2010 it's 30 years since they started. To celebrate this a number of covers were recorded by different bands, and among those we made this version. We hope we have contributed with a little Norator feeling and that you like it.

Page - Hus av glas

This is our second cover of a song by Page, which is also part of the tribute project. We here have a slightly different style with tendencies towards Italo disco, and with some latino inspired rythms in a section of the song.

Sista mannen på jorden - En tanke

Sista mannen på jorden is a Swedish group that makes absolutely fantastic synthpop. The members are Eddie BEngtsson and Christer Hermodsson. Our version has a few more backing vocals and a sligthly blippier sound which we hope you like.

Covers by others

Pumpan - Signal

Pumpan , or Patric Dimander, is a Swedish music maker who is also one of the founders of PA Tronic. He has made an upbeat version of the song with a slightly harder sound. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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